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About Monomyth

Old-school RPG goodness in a new package

Monomyth Game Studio (croatian: Monomyth društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću za izdavanje video igara, or Monomyth d.o.o.) is a game development company based in Croatia. It specializes in (mostly) text based RPG games with dungeon crawling and roguelike elements, drawing inspiration from cRPG classics when it comes to gameplay mechanics, as well as tabletop RPGs when it comes to worldbuilding and storytelling.


Our Games

At the time being, we are focused mainly on mobile platforms: Android and iOS. In rejection of modern monetization practices, which we see as anti-gaming, our games are free to download, and feature unobtrusive, removable ads and completely optional in-app purchases. No ads jumping at your face at random every few seconds, no content locked away behind cash walls. We let our games speak for themselves, and allow you the freedom to reward us for our efforts if you wish to.


Old School RPG

Defend the city of Ashborne against the mysterious and horrifying Dark, as you battle your way through hordes of monsters and manage your own sanity in the face of otherworldly horror

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Old School RPG 

Make your way across a vibrant tropical archipelago, explore its mysteries and deal with its hostile inhabitants, as you try to unravel a deadly intrigue at the heart of the decadent Empire

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