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Embark on your very own
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No glitter, no nonsense, just good old RPG games...


About Monomyth

Monomyth is a one-man indie game developer focused on traditional RPG games for fantasy geeks, bookworms and old-school gaming enthusiasts. I draw inspiration from cRPG classics of the 90's, tabletop RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, and an extensive amount of fantasy books I've read and listened to over the years.


My name is Goran Kovač, and I'm a self-taught game developer behind Monomyth Game Studio. I do all the game design, coding and writing on my games, as well as putting together and editing various game assets I either commission from freelance artists, or dig out from vast reaches of the public domain. Being self-published, I also dabble in customer support and online marketing, much to the dismay of everyone involved.


Just in case you're wondering, I use Flutter to create games (not something I'd recommend to anyone), because it's super fast to work with, and allows me to develop for multiple platforms more or less simultaneously.

Games by Monomyth

Old-school RPG goodness in an accessible new package

In rejection of modern monetization practices present on mobile platforms (which I see as anti-gaming and anti-consumer) my games are free to download, and come either with inobtrusive, fully removable ads, or a one time purchase which unlocks the game in its entirety after a free trial. Besides that, I like to let my games speak for themselves, and allow you the freedom to reward my efforts with completely optional in-app purchases, which serve as support for the development of the game in question. No ads jumping at your face every few seconds, no essential content locked away behind endless micro-transactions, no timers to limit your daily progress, and no login, or even internet connection required.


Old School RPG

Defend the city of Ashborne against the mysterious and malevolent Dark, as you battle your way through hordes of monsters and manage your own sanity in the face of otherworldly horror

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Old School RPG 

Make your way across a vibrant tropical archipelago, explore its mysteries and deal with its hostile inhabitants, as you try to unravel a deadly intrigue at the heart of the decadent Empire

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